Hello! I AM

  • Monica Juarez

  • Front End

  • Developer

Hello! I Am Monica Juarez. Front End, Developer from Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.

Systems IT professional with over 16 years of experience, Proactive, customer-facing, highly-technical IT solutions Hardware & Software. Currently Front End Developer with Back End Solutions at visualizatusitio.com My Hobbies: Code & HomeBrewing

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I do my best with following things

  • Web Develompent

    Experience of 4 years offering web solutions at Front End & Back End development. UI/UX. Right now doing a Phyton course certification.

  • IT Services

    Provide technical assistance to customers by desk, Telephony and remote access to perform troubleshooting hardware and software issue maintenance of network system. IIS server. Imaging process software, Hiren's, IFW, IFL .

  • Customer Service

    Excellent Strong customer-service skills. Good organizational abilities. Good Ability to communicate complicated topics to customers.

  • IT consultant

    Define scope of projects, planning timescales and resources needed, hardware, software and network requirements. Purshasing systems where appropriate. Design and implementation of testing and monitoring of new systems. Prepare and present Documentation to clients. Trainings

Feel free to contact me

+52 664-114-0284


Tijuana, B.C,